CHSH-Palmer Alumni Association, Inc.

Hall of Fame Inductees

                    HOF--Nomination Criteria and Packet Example                                  
Palmer High School Hall of Fame dedication plaque
Induction Year Name Graduation Year Portrait Plate
2021 David Dwyer 1967
Civil Engineer, ASCE Fellow, Volunteer
2020 John P. Fernald  1955 Army Officer, FBI Special Agent, Fire Fighter
  John M. Slocum 1955 USFA Officer and Pilot, Musician, Speaker
  John C. Young III 1960 Optimist, Organizer, Salesman
2019 Norman J. Peterson 1965
College Professor, Advocate for International Education
  Beth Morrison Klein  1979
Attorney, Advocate for Anti-Human Trafficking
2018 Holly Randol vonHelms 1957 Recreation Therapist, Author, Advocate for Disabled Persons
  Kathy Gloss Anderson 1960 Nationally Recognized Sculptor and Community Leader
  William (Bill) Elder 1975
Twenty Eighth Sheriff of
El Paso County
2017 Samuel C. Hunter, Jr.  1936 Businessman, Community Leader, Documented Tuskegee Airman
  Barry D. Farris 1955 U.S.M.C., Ret. Army, Alumni Volunteer and Past President
2016 Franklin J. Macon 1942
Documented Original Tuskegee Airman
  Raymond Howard Best 1955
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Advocate for the Disabled
  Edward Augden 1960
Make this World a better place
2015 Dr. Suzanne Galluzzo Nelson 1957 Educator, Superintendent, Linguist, Humanitarian
  Kenneth Edwin Callum 1974 Recreation Supervisor, Basketball Coach, Program Coordinator, Volunteer
  Lisa Tessarowicz 1999 Investor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
2014 Susan Hay McGrath 1960 Creative Educator Inspiring Minds and Talents
  Brittney K. Exline 2007 Scholar, Engineer, Pageant Girl
2013 Inez Whitaker Hunt 1918 Poet, Author, Historian, Speaker, Teacher, Tesla Biographer
  Rev. Judy Miller Owsley 1957 Minister: Colorado Springs and Russia, Wife, Mother
  Scott Singmaster 1979 Band Teacher: Blessed with Family, Friends, Students
2012 Jim Colbert 1957 Educator, High School, College and Professional Football Coach
  Renny Fagan 1974 Legislator, Public Advocate, Nonprofit Leader, Coloradoan, Father
  James (Jim) D. Hartman Jr. 1951 Husband, Father, Educator, Coach
  Dorothy (Dottie) Maloney Woltemath 1960 Mother, Educator, Counselor, Victim Advocate, Public Service
2011 James H. Albertson, Ph.D. 1943 Vigorous, Imaginative, Inventive, Bold, Resourceful, Articulate
  Richard R. Green, Ph.D. 1955 Scientist, Inventor, Standards Developer, CEO
  Gary Street 1975 Radio Newscaster and Personality
2010 Robert E. Smith, Ph.D. 1945 Teacher, Author & Historian, Public Speaker, Pioneer Broadcaster
  Robert C. McHugh 1946 Senior Corporation Executive, Lawyer, Teacher
  Sandra Burrow Coulson 1961 Certified Orofacial Myologist, International Instructor
2009 Dr. Marilyn Johnson Burns 1949 Educator, Author, Administrator Small Business Programs
  Donald (Donnie) L. Brown 1951 All-American Swimmer, Golf Developer, Presidential Appointee 
  Alan W. Houseman 1961 Lawyer: Promoting Equal Justice For All
2008 Irvin B. "Dad" Bruce 1912 Chief of Police
  Sam Dunlap 1951 Each One - Teach One
  Julie Bolger Davey 1960 Lever Staff, Teacher, Author
2007 Robert H. Crowder Jr. 1965 Palmer Choir Director, Co-Founder Children's Chorale
  Charles O. Douglas 1955 Educator, NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Wrestling Official
  Fannie Mae (Bragg) Duncan 1938 Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Community Activist
  Thomas Earl Exum Sr. 1970 C.S.F.D. Battalion Chief, Manager of Training Division
2006 Robert J. Graebner 1942 Seismic Exploration Geophysicist in the Petroleum Industry
  Richard M. Phelps 1955 Designer of Golf Courses Nationwide
2005 Dr. Kenneth L. Goldsbery 1950 Professor, Floriculturist, Researcher, Director, Farmer
  Dr. Robert W. Hendee Jr. 1953 Neurosurgeon, Pioneer in Fetal Surgery
  Thomas J. Aiken 1960 Father, Civil Servant, Water Industry Leader
2004 Dr. Albert Balows 1938 Microbiologist in Diagnosis and Therapy of Infections
  Marjorie Jackson Swearingen Erickson 1957 Educator, Author, Community Volunteer, Photographer
  David Schumm 1959 Volunteer, Inspiration to Community
2003 Kedrick G. Freyschlag 1944 Volunteer: Annual Fund Drive Chairman for Community Services
  Dr. Sean O'Donnell 1973 Family Man, Physician, Community Servant, and Educator
  George Vradenburg III 1960 Media Attorney, Entertainment and Internet Executive, Museum President, Philanthropist, Eternally Curious
2002 Dr. Edwin L. Adair 1948 Patents for drugs and devices used in medical screening
  Dr. Deborah Dairy Brown 1952 Educator, Professor, Child Advocate & Therapist
2001 Dr. L. Edward Ellinwood 1941 Educator Family Practice, Research - Pharmacology, Radiation, Medicine
  Dr. Allen W. Mathies, Jr. 1948 Physician, Educator, Researcher, Administrator
  George A. Sissel 1954 Engineer, Attorney, Manufacturing Executive, Community Leader
2000 Judith Reid Finley 1954 Writer, Library Archivist, Community Activist, Mother
  Norma Taylor Roderique 1951 Entrepreneur, Author, International Humanitarian
  Dr. Ronald R. Tuttle 1955 Invention & Development of Cardiovascular Drugs
1999 Jay Engeln Honorary (no portrait)
  James D. Phillips 1950 Dedicated to Superior Utilities Services
  Lu Lu Stroud Pollard 1933 A Life Dedicated Improving Race Relations
  Vicki Saunders Swanson 1965 Safety Educator - Prevention of Unintentional Death & Injury
1998 James M. Hekkers 1965 Colorado Ocean Journey Pres, CEO, Management Marketing
  Dr. Jaqueline Kiplinger 1985 Chemist, Scientist
  Dr. James R. Romero 1957 Father, Educator, Administrator, Leader, Friend
1997 Patricia Clapp Honorary (no portrait)
  Dr. Patricia L. Dudley 1947 Educator and Author in Science
  Leslie S. Franklin 1958 Advocate of Youth and Family
  George M. White 1923 Historian and Community Volunteer
1996 Charles F. Burkhart (Charles Eagle Plume) 1923 American Indian Art, Culture & Education
  Fred P. Clark 1950 Pioneer in Commercial Helicopter Business
  Frank V. Wilson Honorary (no portrait)
  Roberta Colbert Wilson 1952 CSHS-Palmer Alumni Association Founder/President/CEO, Community Services
1995 Marjorie Ferguson Lambert 1926 Anthropologist - Archeo - Historian
  Rev. Justus B. & Alice McAdams Morgan 1947 Pastor, Morgan Memorial Chapel / Community Activist, Nurse
  Jack O. Quamme 1945 Corporate Executive and Consultant
1994 Sandy Kraemer 1955 Chairman, CU Board of Regents, Author, Lawyer, Engineer, Conservationist
  D. Richard Toth 1964 Judge, 4th Judicial District, Colorado
1993 Wade F. Exum, M.D. 1967 Doctor of Drug Control, U.S. Olympic Center
  Sharon Fields Shipley 1956 El Paso Co. Treasurer, Community Leader
  Dr. Gilbert C. Taggart 1952 Professor, Linguist, Translator
1992 Maurice M. Brown 1936 International Engineer
  Jack Davis 1948 Senior Vice President Walt Disney Imagineering
  Barbara Neeley Yalich 1949 Vice President Development & College Relations at Colorado College
1991 Eugene J. Lyons 1923 Special Assistant to President Dwight D. Eisenhower
  Maj Gen (Ret) Philip L. Metzler 1959 Major General, United States Air Force
  Dr. Robin Funnell Woods 1961 Dollmaker, Designer
1990 Dr. Robert M. Brugger 1947 Nuclear Engineer, Professor, Author
  Edward H. Honnen 1917 Businessman, Banker, Philanthropist
  Sydney J. Mead 1951 Futurist, Artist, Movie Designer
1989 Dr. Clifford S. Chambers 1949 Special Educator
  Howard S. Dilts Sr. 1935 Chemical Engineer, Aerospace Consultant
  Charles H. and Neva Mae Harvey Potter 1927 Horticulture Authors, Garden Consultants
1988 Jasper D. Ackerman 1915 Soldier, Rancher, Banker, USAFA Supporter
  Joan Linn Bekins 1948 Environmental Activist, Founder of Terwilliger Foundation
  Charles L. Boyce 1935 Chemist, Engineer for Space Shuttle Suit
  Bruce E. Shepard 1951 Developer, Businessman, Councilman
  Frank Waters 1921 Western Author, Educator
1987 William L. Briscoe 1940 Scientist, Engineer
  Dwight S. Brothers 1947 Economist, Educator, Rancher
  Ira Current 1928 Photography Specialist
  Eleanor Britton Davey 1930 Science Educator, Author, Community Service
1986 Tilman M. Bishop 1952 State Senator, College Administrator
  Cecil S. Effinger 1931 Composer, Music Professor, Inventor 
  Max E. Morath 1944 Entertainer, Ragtime Pianist
  Willis L. Peterson 1943 Photo Journalist, Professor, Author
1985 Arthur E. Baylis 1928 Transportation & International Trade
  Dr. F. Lee Bowling 1929 Physician, Scientist, Military Officer, Musician, Educator, Scholar
  Edward L. Bunts 1921 Architect
  Dr. Richard Current 1930 Author, Professor of History
  Leatha May Harris Flanders 1934 Journalist, Author, Community Service
  Dr. Calvin M. Frazier 1948 Colorado Commissioner of Education
  Beverly Magnuson Fredericks 1946 American Tonal Impressionist Artist
  Robert M. Isaac 1945 Mayor of Colorado Springs, 1979 - 
  Norman Kean 1952 Broadway Producer
  T. Eugene McCleary 1928 Mayor 1967-1973, Businessman
  Maj Gen (Ret) Marvin C. Patton 1948 General United States Air Force
  Cassandra Peterson Pierson 1969 Actress, Singer, Dancer, "Elvira"
  Charles (Dewey) D. Reinhard 1948 U.S. National Gas Balloon Champion 1980
  Leonard V. B. Sutton 1933 Chief Justice Colorado Supreme Court, 1960, 1966