CHSH-Palmer Alumni Association, Inc.
Join the Alumni Association!
It is a question I have attempted to articulate since the Association was founded in March 1984 and I became a Charter member. The five objectives or purposes of the Association are listed in Article l. of our bylaws which can be accessed on our website. The last two are central to why I believe that attendees and graduates of CSHS/Palmer High School should become members of the Association.
“To preserve the history, ideals and traditions of the school” and “The fostering of fellowship and camaraderie among the graduates of the school.”
You help us realize our objectives by simply becoming a member, and if your spouse is also an attendee or graduate, then you should both be members which brings us to the obvious benefits of membership.
  • As a member in good standing you have full voting rights, receive the Alumni Lever newsletter, and can access our website and Facebook page both of which are accessible to everyone.
  • If you live in the area you can attend the monthly breakfasts we have during the school year, the annual picnic and Homecoming not to mention a number of school activities.
  • The Alumni Lever keeps you abreast of upcoming alumni events, recent events, stories of interest, donations, and upcoming class reunions.
  • Our website has links to a number of interesting alumni programs, documents and activities. We have upgraded and expanded our website so that you can receive your newsletter in color electronically, gain access to the membership base where you can update your personal data instantly so that there is no time lag in reporting changes to your address, phone number and email address.
  • Non-members will not be able to access the newsletter or the membership roster. You will be able to purchase memorabilia and renew your membership, and make donations online. You will also be able to locate member classmates and they will be able to contact you.
There are many reasons to become a member and each alumni member has his or her own reasons. Personally, I derive great satisfaction in supporting the students and staff of this outstanding school. I enjoy teaching our students, Palmer staff, and school alumni about Palmer's rich history and traditions. I enjoy helping to make our scholarship program available to deserving students, giving our graduating seniors a brunch to remember, and helping to support individual, and various school organizations who need monetary assistance. I enjoy conducting class reunion tours in the summer and interacting with alumni from different classes. Each individual determines what level of involvement they would like based on interests and geographical location. If you want to make a difference and want to give back to your Alma Mater, then you will join this great organization! Your annual dues of $15.00 per year plus your donations enable the Association to provide support to all of the programs mentioned above. We are all about supporting our students because they are the Association's future.  
Ron Elstun '70
Past President, CSHS/Palmer Alumni Association